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SEN / Individualised Learning

For details of our SEN Information Report, click here.

SEN / Individualised Learning is the title given to the provision for all students at The King’s Academy who have a special educational need, be it moderate or specific learning difficulties, sensory impairment or physical disability. Our provision for pupils with a sensory loss attracts young people from across the region.

Individualised Learning reflects our commitment to finding the best possible way of meeting the educational needs of individual children. In our last Ofsted report (2009) it was stated that:

Students who have learning difficulties and/or disabilities, including those with hearing or visual impairment, make exceptional progress because provision is very well tailored to meet their individual needs and because the Academy’s high quality inclusion practices ensure they are fully integrated in the life of the school.”

Individualised LearningThe Academy has specialist provision for students with statements of special educational needs. This includes students who are Deaf or Hearing Impaired, are Blind or Visually Impaired or have Moderate Learning Difficulties. The Academy also provides an excellent education for children with a wide range of needs that do not necessarily fit into the specialist provision; for example children with physical disabilities or children on the autistic spectrum.
Ofsted also stated that:

Provision for the most vulnerable students and those with learning difficulties and/or disabilities is exemplary. Outstanding inclusion practices and excellent links with external agencies support their excellent achievement.”

In order to establish these excellent practices we have to work closely with families. If you are the parent or guardian of a child with special educational needs and are considering The King’s Academy as your school of choice please contact us to discuss your child’s learning needs.


Miss Helen Smith, Assistant Principal Individualised Learning (SENCo)
Mr John Chester, Visual Impairments Coordinator
Mrs Julie McDonald, Deaf and Hearing Impaired Coordinator