Religious Education

Encounter, Enquire and Explore

PTEThrough a study of PTE students are given an opportunity to learn about the big questions in life. This in turn will help them to develop their own ideas and opinions about the mysterious nature of the existence of our world; such as: Who is God? What is good and evil? How do we make decisions about right and wrong? The foundation of our teaching is the narrative of the Bible.

The students are also encouraged to consider and enquire about different World Views. These will include religious world views and the teachings of Jesus. They will be encouraged to consider different viewpoints and opinions and this will help them to consider their own views and opinions. This will encourage the development of a questioning and independent mind.

Key Stage 3

Year 7

Timing Curriculum content – knowledge and understanding
Sept – Oct Why PTE? Ultimate questions?
Introduce religion: what is religion?
Nov – Dec Sources of authority
Big story: Torah
Jan – Feb Judaism TODAY
March – April Big story: New Testament
May – June Church – Pentecost, Holy Spirit (symbols)
June – July Christianity TODAY


Year 8

Timing Curriculum content – knowledge and understanding
Sept – Oct Own World View
World Views
Nov – Dec Islam
Jan – Feb Sikhism
March – April Hinduism
May – June Jesus – historical evidence
June – July Jesus’ life


Year 9

Timing Curriculum content – knowledge and understanding
Sept – Oct Moral Issues: Crime and Punishment
Nov – Dec Moral Issues: Relationships
Jan – May Personal Reflection and Christian Vision
June – July Bridging unit – GCSE preparation
Christian denominations


Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5

Timing Curriculum content – knowledge and understanding
Year 10 & 11 Students follow the Edexcel full course or short course:
Religion and Society / St. Mark’s Gospel / Religion and Life
Year 12 & 13 Students follow the Edexcel AS / A2 course:
Philosophy of Religion / The Fourth Gospel


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