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School Meals

Changes to meal prices

Due to sustained increases in the cost of many of the ingredients used to prepare meals in our restaurants, there will be some small increases to the price of meals in our restaurants from 1 September 2018.  In most cases the increases to items is limited to 5p.  A range of attractive, value for money meal deals will continue to be in place to provide best value to students.  The price of the two course meal deal (soup and main course or main course and hot pudding/ homebake) will be £2.40, offering a saving of £1 on the standard individual prices.  The daily allowance for students in receipt of free school meals will be increased to £2.40.

Removal of drinks from promotional meal deals

We take our responsibility to reduce our environmental impact as stewards of creation seriously.  For example, we recently installed energy saving LED lighting in the main hall and reception area.  Many of us were deeply impacted by the recent BBC “Blue Planet” documentary which highlighted the detrimental impact of single use plastics on the world’s oceans.

In the last academic year, over 60,000 single use plastic bottles were sold in our restaurants, the vast majority through the various meal deals offered.  Closer to home, bottles like these can cause a significant littering problem around the academy site.

We have therefore taken the decision to remove all drinks from promotional meal deals in the academy’s restaurants from the beginning of the Autumn term 2018.  Drinks, including bottled water, will still be available for purchase in the restaurants but will no longer be included in the meal deals.

Free, chilled water is available in both restaurants and in the school yard and, for the time being, plastic cups will continue to be available for use in the restaurants.  Students are also able to bring water to school in a clear, reusable plastic bottle with a removable lid (a reusable sports type bottle rather than a bought single use bottle) which will be able to be refilled during the day.  We are exploring the possibility of having reusable, King’s Academy branded water bottles available for purchase in school and will provide further details shortly.

Upgrade to meals system

During the summer holidays, the academy’s electronic meals system has been upgraded.  There is no change to how the system works for students and parents but parents may have noticed some unexpected entries in their ParentPay account during August.  The entries were caused by the upgrade but should have left no impact upon the balance in your account.  If you have any queries or concerns about the upgrade please contact our finance office by e-mail at

Catering at The King’s Academy

At The King’s Academy we are passionate about food and committed to prioritising our children’s health and well-being. We have banished lumpy gravy, abolished soggy sprouts and eradicated anything even resembling Turkey Twizzlers from our menus. We are fanatical about finding the freshest and tastiest ingredients and combining them to create delicious, healthy meals.

TH01052014-ESF-KingsAcademy-29 v2The meals we provide are an excellent source of nutrition, with an emphasis on homemade, high quality fresh food, sourced locally. In addition, having school lunch as opposed to a packed lunch helps young people develop confidence to make appropriate menu choices and taste a range of different foods. We operate a cashless meal system to avoid singling out students who receive free school meals.

Cashless Meal System

Every student has a meal account and their own finger scan ID (or PIN code), which is secure and private. Money must be credited to the student’s account using ParentPay before any purchases can be made. ParentPay is available to parents of all students including those in receipt of free schools meals and may be used to monitor the meals taken by your child as well as for making payments for school meals.  Further information about ParentPay may be found in the Parents’ section of the academy website. Where students qualify for free school meals the appropriate amount is credited automatically each day.

School MealsAt lunchtime, the till operator uses a touch screen terminal, which displays a photo image of each child and records the meal they have chosen that day. Where students have special dietary requirements they can be highlighted and entered confidentially into the system. Students’ meal details are recorded each day, which allows parents the facility to monitor their child’s eating habits, should they wish.

Year 11 and 13 Students – Meals Account Refunds

If you have any remaining funds on your child’s Meals Account then please see below for refund details.  The academy finance office can be contacted by e-mail or by letter handed in to Reception.

1. Balances can be transferred to a sibling’s account in school.  Please write to the finance office requesting the transfer, providing both students’ details, by Friday 13 July.

2. Balances over £1 originally paid via ParentPay will automatically be refunded to your ParentPay account during the summer holidays, for you to then arrange transfer back to your debit/credit card.

3. If for any reason you do not have a ParentPay account, to obtain a refund for any balances over £1, please write to the finance office with the following details by Friday 20 July:

· Student’s name and year
· Name on bank account
· Sort code
· Account number

A BACS payment will be sent directly to your bank account during the summer holidays.

If your year 11 child expects to return to year 12 at The King’s Academy in September and you would like any outstanding balance to be retained in their Meal Account rather than being refunded, please write to the finance office to let them know by Friday 20 July.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I pay for my child’s school meal?
We would ask that you pay for your child’s school meal using ParentPay.

What happens if I forget to top up my child’s account?
Your child will still receive a meal and the value will be automatically deducted from the account.

How will I keep track of the amount of cash in my child’s account?
Statements can be viewed on Parentpay.  If you have any queries regarding your child’s meals account, please contact the Finance Office.

What happens if my child is away from school?
No meal deduction will be made in a child’s absence.