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Staff List

More than 250 staff work at The King’s Academy. All staff are led and managed by Mr D Dawes, the Principal. The role of the Principal is overseen by the Board of Governors, led by Mr N Robson, the Chair of Governors.

Working for the Principal is the Leadership Team, which comprises two Vice Principals, one Assistant Principal, six Assistant Vice Principals and one PA, as follows:

Mr G Wiecek Senior Vice Principal
Mr S Reader Vice Principal (Academic)
Miss H Smith Assistant Principal (Pastoral)
Mr J Ferstenberg Director 16-19
Mrs S Taylor Assistant Vice Principal (Teaching & Learning)
Mrs C Brownless Assistant Vice Principal (Events & Communications)
Ms S Gray Assistant Vice Principal (Student Services)
Mr P Johnson Assistant Vice Principal (Pastoral, Junior Academy)
Mrs L Manthy Assistant Vice Principal (Assistant Director 16-19)
Mr D Whittaker Assistant Vice Principal (Logistics)


Child Protection Officers
Ms S Gray
Miss H Smith


Beyond the Leadership Team are the Heads of Department, classroom teachers, Heads of Year, form tutors, classroom assistants and support staff. If you wish to make contact with or speak to any individual member of staff, please call Reception on 01642 577577 and we will do all we can to help you with your query.