Multi Academy Trust

We are pleased to announce that Emmanuel Schools Foundation has been converted to a Multi Academy Trust (MAT) on 17th February 2017.

This is a positive step forward and means that each of our schools, including The King’s Academy, have now been brought together in a single trust.

The distinct character of all our academies and college will be protected and there will be no apparent change in the day to day running of our schools. However, being a MAT will allow us to work even more effectively and efficiently, to share best practice to improve outcomes for students still further and ultimately to allow us to grow.

Chairman Nigel Robson explains: “All Academies face testing times ahead with the introduction of new curricula, the drive for greater educational rigour with higher standards and the increasing expectations in meeting the needs of all students, especially those with additional needs. In many senses these policy priorities match our own stated ambitions.

“However, the pace of these changes, and the financial background, present additional pressures. The creation of our MAT gives us the flexibility, resilience, strength and necessary common purpose to meet these challenges more effectively.”

Chris Drew, Executive Principal with responsibility for growth and development, explains how the MAT could grow:

“There are still far too many schools in our heartlands which are underperforming, and failing to release children and communities from the cycle of deprivation. This is wrong. As a strong educational force with a Christian ethos we have to reach out.

“It is our ambition to develop more centres of educational excellence in areas that would benefit from our experience through collaboration and partnership. We have significant expertise in the development and operation of new schools and have the strategic direction and internal infrastructure to fulfil our growth aspirations and the professional development ambitions of our staff.”