King’s Year 12 Geographers rebrand their opinions!

geography-trip-2On Wednesday 10 January 2018, nine Year 12 Geography students braved a cold Newcastle-upon-Tyne to complete their AS Level fieldwork task: To investigate if rebranding a city has an impact on its popularity.

The group visited a number of locations including Newcastle’s train station, The Baltic Art Gallery, the Tyne Bridge, The Sage, Northumbria University and Ouseburn Farm. Our aspiring Geographers completed questionnaires, environmental surveys and pedestrian and vehicle counts to find out which areas of Newcastle are the most popular and which areas are the best maintained.

They concluded from their research that areas which had been rebranded did attract the most visitors. They also found that many of these visitors and the local community within Newcastle had limited knowledge about the rebranding scheme and were unaware that the focus of this rebranding centred on the Arts and Culture.

geography-trip-1The students also had the opportunity to have lunch in the Student Union at Northumbria University and were given a tour around the university buildings, giving them all an insight into student life and workload!

The highlight of the day for many of the students however, was visiting Ouseburn Farm, where our Geographers swapped their surveys for hands-on research into guinea pigs, ferrets, piglets and even cows.

Miss Dodgson, teacher of geography said:

The day has been invaluable in terms of the students collecting evidence for their fieldwork investigation. Experiencing the needs and adaptations to a local community in an area like Newcastle has also been an eye-opener for most of our students.”

Year 12 student, Morgan Quinn, agreed:

It was a great trip, I really enjoyed it and it was very helpful for our fieldwork. I feel that I am more confident in concluding that rebranding a city like Newcastle does impact upon its popularity.”

Ellise De Andrade and Molly Dawson, Year 12 said:

We really liked the trip. The highlight was the farm with the animals – fun times!”