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Exam Performance

For a summary of examination results over time, please go to the Exam Results page.

The King’s Academy seeks academic excellence, creating an environment where every student is encouraged to work hard and give of their best. The vast majority of our students are keen to learn and appreciate the vital importance of a good education to their career prospects and life chances.

The progress the Academy has made in examination results over the last ten years has been remarkable, achieved by an unrelenting approach to improving the quality of teaching and learning in the classroom. We are not a school that is ever happy with the status quo – quite the contrary, we are always seeking new ways to raise standards and expectations, and to improve results for our students.

Key to academic achievement is a strong and purposeful work ethic. We encourage each of our students to reflect on the purpose of school and of education, the importance of study and revision, and to consider how their life chances are impacted, for the positive or the negative, on their attitude to learning whilst at school. For a student who takes their education at The King’s seriously, a world of opportunity opens up before them. For a student who disregards the value of their time at school, the consequences can have a lasting negative impact. The latter is something we are all keen to avoid!

Much of a child’s effort and application actually starts in the home. We are keen that all our parents support the work we do at The King’s by reinforcing the vital importance of school and education in the many conversations they will have with their child. With a clear positive message from both home and school, a child will typically resolve to work hard and seek to achieve the best grades possible in their studies. We should never underestimate the importance of the messages parents give to their children, and how these messages translate into behaviours and attitudes in school.

With supportive parents at home and high quality teaching and learning at school, your child can achieve remarkable things, often far exceeding expectations.