Finance & Resources sub-committee

The King’s Academy set up a Finance and Resources Sub-committee in January 2018 which will focus on finance, premise management, health and safety and human resources.  The terms of reference of the sub-committee and be found HERE.

The sub-committee membership is as follows:-

Name of Governor Status Date of Appointment
Colin Geddes Sub-committee Chairman 02.10.17
Nicholas Dent Sub-committee Member 02.10.17
Kenneth Stone Sub-committee Member 02.10.17
David Branson Sub-committee Member 31.01.18


All governors have declared the nature of their interests (if any) which can be found here: The King’s Academy sub-committee Declaration of Interest.

Governor attendance at sub-committee meetings can be found here: The King’s Academy sub-committee Governor Attendance.

Any letter intended for the Chairman of the sub-committee should be addressed to Miss C Taylor, Company Secretary, Trinity House, Sixth Avenue, Blyth, NE24 2SY.