Mission Statement & Core Values

Mission Statement

Mission StatementTo provide all students and staff with the opportunity to work hard to achieve their personal best.

To encourage personal, moral and spiritual development within a Christian framework.

To create a disciplined, sensitive environment where everyone is equally valued.



Core Values

We aspire, whether we be students or staff, that all of our work will be characterised by the following values:

Honourable Purpose
We aim to be positive in everything, doing what is good and aiming to benefit others as well as ourselves.

We seek to do our personal best without bragging and to encourage others to achieve their best without being critical or jealous of their efforts.

We care for those who are in difficulty and who are hurting, recognising that the world does not exists for us alone.

We can be trusted to be honest and truthful, to say what we mean and to do what we say.

We recognise that having the freedom to express ourselves means we must also accept responsibility for our words, thoughts and actions.

We aim to do what is right, whatever the cost; we stand up for the weak, whatever the danger; we face our fears and find ways of defeating them.

We know that hard work and the refusal to give up are essential if we are to achieve anything worthwhile.