The King’s Academy AIB Declaration of Interest

Updated 20/10/2015

Name of Governor Office Held Name of Business Nature of Business Nature of Interest Date of Appointment Date of Cessation of Interest Date of Entry
David Dawes Principal The King’s Academy Education Principal Sep-15 N/A Sep-15
Nigel Rhyl Robson Chairman Emmanuel Schools Foundation Support Sevices Chair / Trustee and Director Dec-08 N/A Jul-14
Bede Academy Education Chair / Trustee and Director Jan-09 N/A Jul-14
Emmanuel College Education Trustee and Director Jan-09 N/A Jul-14
The King’s Academy Education Chair / Trustee and Director Jun-02 N/A Jul-14
Trinity Academy Education Chair / Trustee and Director Mar-04 N/A Jul-14
Emmanuel Academy Services Education Director Jul-14 N/A Jul-14
St John’s College and Cranmer Hall, Durham University Higher Education Council Member and Trustee Mar-10 N/A Jul-14
United Learning Trust Education, Academy Chain Chair (Academie) and Trustee and Director Jul-14 N/A Jul-14
United Church Schools Trust Education Trustee and Director Jul-14 N/A Jul-14
Richard Rose Central Academy Education LGB member Jun-13 N/A Jul-14
Richard Rose Morton Academy Education Chair, School Improvement Board and LGB Jun-13 N/A Jul-14
Discovery Alliance Trust, Middlesbrough Education Director, Trustee May-13 N/A Jul-14
Good Shephard MAT – Diocese of Carlisle Education Member May-14 N/A Jul-14
Nicholas Dent Parent Governor Standard Life plc Savings and Investments Shareholder Jul-06 N/A Aug-14
Dent Legal Services Limited Legal Services Director Jan-12 N/A Aug-14
Parent Child at The King’s Academy N/A Aug-14
The Endeavour Partnership LLP Chartered Legal Executive & Accredited Mediator Employed Jan-15 N/A Jan-15
Kenneth Stone Local Govering Body Viewley Hill Academy Education Chair of Governors Jan-15 N/A May-15
Jonathan Winch Executive Principal Emmanuel College Education Employed Oct-15 N/A May-15
Executive Principal Emmanuel Schools Foundation Education Employed Sep-15 N/A Sep-15
Moira Fitzpatrick
Mark Wilson