The King’s Academy Curriculum Basics

At The King’s Academy we provide a curriculum which gives our students the opportunity to become experts in their subjects, building deep knowledge through a coherent and consistent approach to learning.  We understand that all subjects are the means by which we develop character, moral values and community.

The intent of the curriculum:

  • To help students to seek truth and understanding in studies of what is most important for learning about and making sense of the world around and beyond them;
  • To sequence and teach knowledge, skills and opportunities deliberately, also enabling learning to be revisited (e.g. interleaving and spaced practice);
  • To enable students’ mastery, creativity and engagement with subjects from their different starting points;
  • Character and Community
    • to achieve a balance between knowledge and skills; to provoke students to think, and to intentionally develop key virtues;
    • to equip students for stewardship and enrichment of our world, for making good decisions about it;
    • to develop respectfulness for the rights of others to hold alternative perspectives and contrasting viewpoints, and to live in communities together.


Curriculum Overview

Years 7 to 8 Year 9 Year 10 to 11 Sixth Form