Curriculum Statement

Our ambition is for our students to see the significance of art in the world, and to understand art as something which can enrich their lives whilst also being accessible to them. Art at The King’s Academy aims to develop students’ confidence in their abilities, alongside resilience, as they encounter challenges and critique of their work, therefore promoting the virtue of courage as they take creative risks. Students also learn the virtue of self-control through a discipline that requires focus and time commitment to achieve outstanding results.

Art is a deeply human activity that allows students to connect to others and the world around them, allowing students to appreciate a range of viewpoints on personal, social, national and world issues, recognising and valuing the things we have in common across cultures and religions, as well as different ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds. Through Art, students use creativity to learn more about themselves, their identities and their interests, and can explore art that celebrates the uniqueness of their own culture and heritage. Career pathways such as ceramist, photographer, graphic designer, fashion designer, illustrator, and more are open to students of art, and are highlighted to students as they learn these skills and knowledge in lessons.


Curriculum Overview

Year 7 to 8
Year 9
Year 10 to 11 Art and Design
Year 10 to 11 Fine Art
Sixth Form