Computer Science

Curriculum Statement

Our students encounter technology almost every day of their lives and therefore have the technology at their fingertips to research and explore the world around them. They live in a technological world where advancements are fast-paced and exciting, and our ambition is for them to use this opportunity wisely. All students who study Computing & IT up to the end of Year 8 are equipped to use computational thinking to approach problems logically, not just in this subject but in all areas of their lives, and to be competent in digital literacy. Students will also be made aware of the components that make up computer systems and are challenged to make informed decisions on the suitability of devices they may purchase. They will value the impact and possibilities of technological advances and be able to use these safely, identifying potential risks and making mature decisions on how to use devices and applications. Our subject aims to develop character in our young people so that they become responsible, respectful and safe digital citizens. We want our students to find a love for our subject and its possibilities. Through a challenging curriculum we want them to build the wisdom to exercise good judgment in the digital world and be able to apply their knowledge in a vast number of contexts. We encourage the use of technology but highlight the importance of in-person social interactions, therefore we teach that some self-control is needed to determine the most appropriate amount of screen time. We encourage students to have integrity when communicating online and to have courage to speak out when an incident online has caused them distress.

Students of Computer Science at The King’s Academy consider the use of digital technology and the impact of this on ethics, legislation, religion and environmental concerns. We consider the digital divide and the inequality in access to information across the world. Students are often able to apply their creativity to tasks, creating programs independently that reflect their own ideas and producing digital artifacts that are led by a client brief and consideration of target audience. Through our online safety lessons, we often look at what is right and wrong, the law and the consequences of inappropriate actions online. We build students’ social skills by considering the use of social networks to share views which others may disagree with and the importance of engaging in debate whilst respecting the views of others and not becoming argumentative. Students explore the cultural implications that technology has had on the world including the opportunities and threats to a range of different cultures. Similarly, the internet has provided platforms for diverse communities to educate and celebrate our differences. Our curriculum explores a range of different career paths, leading to exploration of students’ particular interest at KS4 studying a range of specialist topics that show the broad range of possible careers and opportunities for further study in Computer Science and IT. We want our students to be passionate about their learning with high aspirations to achieve well and to continue to study our subject at university or through high-quality apprenticeships.


Curriculum Overview

Year 7 to 8 Year 9 Year 10 to 11 Sixth Form