Curriculum Statement

In drama we ensure that students know how meaning is created through performance by a wide range of theatre makers in different genres, engaging with theatre makers wherever possible. We use drama to ensure that students use their vocal and physical skills whilst performing, and that they develop their confidence so that they can succeed in their futures. Through the exploration of human nature and society in drama, students can understand the world around them, developing their own sense of belonging whilst learning about the views of a range of different people. In exploring these views, they will build their understanding of fairness, love and wisdom, and through learning how to respond to others’ performances and working together they will build on their understanding of humility and integrity.

Drama teaches a huge range of skills, including how to understand people’s emotions, good communication, successful collaboration, problem solving and critical thinking skills. As well as the complex concepts of drama as a discipline, students learn to explore the perspectives and experiences of other people so that they can respect other’s views. We allow students to explore what it is like to walk in the shoes of others, by developing drama around topics that are relevant to them in modern society. They can explore situations safely by playing out the reactions of different characters. Students are encouraged to justify their decisions and link these to their wider understanding of society and the world around them. Alongside this, they explore the historical, cultural, political and social context of a wide range of plays, playwrights and practitioners which have built the history of theatre in Britain and across the globe, and which continue to shape theatre with ground-breaking and contemporary work.

In KS3 we focus on the importance of transferable skills and how these can be applied to any career in the future, for example confidence, communication, problem solving, critical thinking and time management. In KS4 we focus more on the roles and responsibilities of a wide range of theatre makers and how they collaboratively work to create theatre. In KS5 the careers links focus on the lenses of the performer, director and designer.


Curriculum Overview

Year 7 to 8 Year 9 Year 10 to 11 Sixth Form