Food, Design & Technology

Foundation Statement

1, How does the school’s ethos underpin this subject, and what virtues have potential to be developed in our students through its study?

The powerful impact of technology on our world is unquestionable, and people’s gifts of wisdom, imagination, skill and analysis are key to the development of this technological world.  Through our study of Technology we reflect critically on the virtues that shape our technological world, and the consequences that can reveal technology – its processes and products – as a potent tool either for righteousness and justice, or as one that is destructive and can undermine a peaceful and just society.

We consider the moral, social, political and legal challenges of technology alongside its virtues.  Whilst technology can bring enormous benefits to mankind and to our stewardship, awareness is needed of its limitations and problems.

Practically creative subjects such as this give students the opportunity to take pleasure in the quality of their practical work and expression of their creativity, and to develop mastery of their own gifts.  Students can often see the rewards of their efforts quickly and tangibly, and can develop their theoretical and abstract understanding as they experience the practical.  Students then better connect their learning across the curriculum, and appreciate and manifest practical aspects of stewardship.

Virtues to be developed include: responsibility; compassion; cooperation; discernment; creativity; aesthetic appreciation; perseverance; self-discipline; accuracy and precision.


2, What goals do we desire for our students in their study of this subject?

a. Apply knowledge, insight and creativity to produce processes and products to look after the earth’s resources and to meet human needs.

b. Integrate theory and practice and utilise resources to solve problems.

c. Think and reason creatively and explore the synthesis of ideas and practices.

d. Develop a critique of the value and use of technology, including an understanding of the Christian perspective on this.

e. Be productive, innovative, resourceful and enterprising.

f. Link technology with other curriculum areas in order to develop students’ appreciation of the unity of knowledge whilst also enriching their deeper understanding of technology and other subjects.


Design & Technology

Year 7 to 8
Year 9
Year 10 to 11 – GCSE Design and Technology
Year 10 to 11 – CAMNAT in Engineering Design
Sixth Form



Year 7 to 8
Year 9
Year 10 to 11
Sixth Form