English Language

Curriculum Statement

In English, our ambition for our students is that they can use the written and spoken word to be confident and effective communicators, and that they use reading and writing to develop analytical, inquisitive minds. We want students to see the world from other people’s perspectives, and to broaden their horizons by reading, visiting the theatre and watching plays. Through the study of English, we develop character in our students by promoting the growth of wisdom through their experience of the perspectives of others, and courage and integrity in accordance with the role models they meet in the texts we read.

Whilst studying English, students will experience a range of perspectives on the big issues of our time and are encouraged to respond to these issues in a considerate and balanced way, considering moral implications and consequences. They read about and discuss the experiences of people from other cultures and of beliefs different from their own, and challenge unfairness in others and themselves. As they do this, they develop the functional skills in communication necessary for employment, as well as their journey through life. We share the range of careers with them which need excellent communication skills and analytical thinking, including examples such as politics, journalism, marketing, but also promote the essential nature of English in all areas.


Curriculum Overview

Year 7 to 8
Year 9
Year 10 to 11
Sixth Form – English Language
Sixth Form – English Language and Literature