English Language

Foundation Statement

1, How does the school’s ethos underpin this subject, and what virtues have potential to be developed in our students through its study?

Language is a gift of incredible significance and beauty. It enables relationships, thought, society and culture, and is also the medium for literary art and creativity.  Through language, we can enjoy and understand more about life, our place and purpose within it, and about the riches of our cultures.

We employ language faithfully as it was intended through:
  – clear evaluation and critique of meaning.
  – insightful and profound thinking, expressed in writing and speech.
  – persuasive argument for truth.
  – sensitivity of expression to context and genre.
  – conciseness and simplification of unnecessary complexity.
  – appreciation of the beauty of language.

Virtues that we seek to develop include: truthfulness; consideration; fairness; appropriateness; clarity and authenticity; conciseness; aesthetic vitality; creativity; accuracy and precision.


2, What goals do we desire for our students in their study of this subject?

a. Develop functional and creative use of language with understanding, integrity, accuracy, and sensitivity:
  – listen thoughtfully.
  – speak clearly in order to be understood by speakers of English nationally and internationally.
  – read critically.
  – write imaginatively.b. Develop communication skills that clarify thought and feeling and use these skills to contribute towards building constructive relationships in community and reconciliation.c. Become equipped with linguistic skills equip us for the world of work, being used responsibly and with integrity.


Curriculum Overview

Year 7 to 8
Year 9
Year 10 to 11
Sixth Form – English Language
Sixth Form – English Language and Literature