Foundation Statement

1, How does the school’s ethos underpin this subject, and what virtues have potential to be developed in our students through its study?

The study of physical and human Geography considers both the physical properties of our environment, together with how people use this environment to shape communities and society.  Study of the physical world illuminates its awe-inspiring beauty and greatness, whilst the study of human geography raises great moral and ethical issues for us to consider.

The school’s Christian ethos underscores the importance of being good stewards and resisting patterns of self-interest, working towards justice and compassion and balancing rights and responsibilities.

Study of Geography is highly inter-disciplinary and as such provides particular opportunity for helping students to perceive the unity of knowledge across the curriculum.

Virtues to develop include: global citizenship, responsible stewardship, justice, compassion for poor and disadvantaged, clarity, validity, discernment, sensitivity to others, perseverance, respect for life and physical things, precision in observation, good judgement in interpretation, accuracy.


2, What goals do we desire for our students in their study of this subject?

a. Recognise the responsibility for people to care for the Earth physically, environmentally, economically, aesthetically, socially, ethically.

b. Investigate the possibilities and limitations of different geographical settings as people develop their lives and lifestyles.

c. Examine how societies have used physical and human conditions on the earth to shape their environments in both responsible and irresponsible ways.

d. Understand that poor stewardship has led to geo-environmental problems.

e. Explore and act on ways of restoring the geographic consequences of wrong human action.

f. Link Geography with other curriculum areas in order to develop students’ appreciation of the unity of knowledge whilst also enriching their deeper understanding of Geography and other subjects.


Curriculum Overview

Year 7 to 8 Year 9 Year 10 to 11 Sixth Form