Health and Development

Curriculum Statement

Our ambition for students of health and development is that they have a well- developed understanding of how best to work with people, as well as how to empathise with other, and to plan and provide personalised care. Our students develop expertise in care which leads them to a range of career choices in nursing and education, which are supported by our links with local employers. We teach students the values essential to providing compassionate care, which support their character development. We teach that love is essential in the caring industry and kindness and compassion should be seen in everything that they do. Students learn that they need to exercise self-control when caring for others, by putting others first, and courage when standing up for people’s rights. We teach them to show integrity, ensuring they work well and always apply moral thinking, not just when they are being observed.

In Health and development students learn about legislation, safeguarding, types of care and understand some of the reasons that care is needed. Alongside this, students learn about equality and diversity and examine different ways of working, so that they can consider how they would care for others. They learn to reflect on their practice and recognise right from wrong. They improve their social skills as they get involved in local contexts. They learn to appreciate the different cultural influences leading to their own heritage and that of others. As they learn, they investigate some of the careers that are more prominent in the industry (Adult, Children’s and Mental health Nurses, Midwives, Health visitors, Physiotherapists, OTs, EYPs, Social workers, etc.) and have the opportunity to match their own skills and preferences to careers in the NHS. A range of professionals are invited to speak to our students about their roles and how to enter their professions (Paramedics, social workers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, etc.)


Curriculum Overview

Year 9
Year 10 to 11 – Health and Social Care
Sixth Form – Health and Social Care