Curriculum Statement

Our ambition for mathematics at The King’s Academy is for our students to feel like mathematicians, and to know that we study maths because it helps us become numerate, informed citizens and gives us an insight into how and why the world is constructed as it is. We want students to have procedural fluency but also to experience the beauty, power and enjoyment of mathematics. We want them therefore to develop a sense of curiosity about the subject whilst growing a secure and deep understanding of mathematical concepts through manageable steps in order that they can problem solve using the mathematical skills encountered in our curriculum. We aim to develop the virtue of courage, as students strive to understand difficult concepts, and wisdom, as they use the tools they have learnt to make good judgements.

Mathematics is central to each student’s life as they negotiate their future financial decisions, their understanding of debt and the use of misleading statistics, and we therefore build the foundations of why and how mathematical principles work, so that every student is equipped with the tools they need to apply mathematical skills and principles to their everyday lives. We highlight the huge range of careers open to mathematicians, but also seek to demonstrate the importance of mathematical thinking in all careers and subjects.


Curriculum Overview

Key Stage 3 – Core
Key Stage 3 – Higher
Key Stage 3 – Support
Key Stage 4 – Foundation
Key Stage 4 – Higher
Sixth Form – Single Maths
Sixth Form – Further Maths
Recovery Plans for Year 11