Modern Foreign Languages

Curriculum Statement

Our ambition for students is that they are inspired to learn and to use a language. We also aim to help students to feel a connection with our global community, to learn about new cultures, and to broaden their horizons to life beyond their locality. Learning a language embraces our core virtues as we encourage a lifelong love of learning and languages. Speaking aloud in front of peers takes courage, and the time and energy needed to practise vocabulary and grammar requires discipline and self-control. Having an insight into other cultures brings about empathy and greater mutual understanding and recognising the idiosyncrasies of their own language and culture when seen through a European or global lens leads to a sincere humility when students then go on to interact with citizens from around the world.

The learning of languages makes an important contribution towards our development as confident, compassionate people who recognise the importance of celebrating difference and diversity, not just at home but across the globe. By learning a language, pupils develop an awareness, understanding and respect for different cultures, faiths and values, being able to challenge narrow stereotypes. They also get a sense of enjoyment and fascination in learning about themselves, others and the world around them. Whilst studying a language pupils study topics linked to social and global issues such as climate change, homelessness and equality in both the French- and German-speaking worlds. They will speak, listen, read and write in the target language on these topics, improving their knowledge of phonics, vocabulary and grammar.

In MFL lessons there is a continuous focus on the broad range of industries who desire the skills acquired in language study, including a close attention to detail, problem-solving, logic, resilience, communication skills, organisational skills, and empathy. There is an emphasis on enlightening students as to the potential to carry on language study in the future. Staff inspire students with the possibility of living or working abroad through incorporating their own stories, anecdotes, and cultural knowledge into lessons, bringing the language to life in-context.


Curriculum Overview

French Year 7 to 8 2x week
Year 7 to 8 1x week
Year 9 Year 10 to 11 Sixth Form
German Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 to 11 Sixth Form