Physical Education

Curriculum Statement

Our ambition for our students is that, through the sports they encounter in the formal PE curriculum, they learn to lead a healthy, active lifestyle and enjoy sport and exercise. Whilst doing this, we teach the rules and regulation of the sports students encounter, giving them a good understanding of how these work. Through these things, we would like them to become lifelong participators in sport. Rules in sport and lessons promote fairness and are implemented without bias. We build character through the virtue of self-control in their interactions with others, and in humility through the avoidance of arrogance, recognising that all participants have different strengths and weaknesses which may change over time.

In our lessons we teach students to use their knowledge to reflect, to be creative and to promote social awareness and respect. We teach students that breaking rules carries a consequence and relate this to wider world issues. In all sports we teach social awareness and respect alongside the qualities of leadership such as self-motivation, resilience, cooperation, and communication, seeking to build on leadership skills where these are evident. We consider the cultural aspects of sport and issues of accessibility and diversity, teaching that sport is for all. Sport and exercise teach knowledge which can be taken into further study and specific jobs such as coaching, teaching or in some instances sports performance, and we promote this alongside the lifetime benefits for all.


Curriculum Overview

Year 7 to 8 – Boys
Year 7 to 8 – Girls
Year 9 – Boys
Year 9 – Girls
Year 10 to 11 – Boys
Year 10 to 11 – Girls
Year 10 to 11 – GCSE PE
Year 10 to 11 – NCFE PE
Sixth Form