Curriculum Statement

Our ambition for students studying Psychology is that they increase their knowledge and awareness of human behaviour and the way it has been studied; increase their critical thinking skills, understanding that there are multiple competing viewpoints of what controls human behaviour, and open their minds to the awe and wonder of how the brain works and functions to establish their sense of self and their own behaviours. We want students to develop a life-long love of Psychology and develop an interest in further academic study, whether in a Psychological career or applying concepts to their future careers.

Studying human behaviour and the various approaches to Psychology will allow students to reflect upon their place in the world including how they interact with others (and how others interact with them). Whilst we study the various areas of human behaviour, students are encouraged to reflect on how this bears relevance on their own life, either looking at past experience or considering the experiences of others or their things they may encounter in the future. By studying competing ideas and reflecting critically about how nature and nurture combine to form human experience, we aim to develop an empathy towards others viewpoints, feelings and beliefs.