Religious Education

Curriculum Statement

Our ambition for students in RE is that they will have a good knowledge of different faiths, beliefs, cultures, and worldviews and will use this to value every individual regardless of religion, race, sexuality, gender, or disability. We develop students’ character by discussing examples of love, wisdom fairness, self-control, courage, humility and integrity from Abrahamic and Dharmic faiths, challenging them to be curious, ask questions and to consider what they believe in, what is important to them, and how they can make a better contribution to society. RE enables students to learn from mistakes, appreciate ideas of right and wrong, act responsibly and demonstrate resilience.

Through RE, students will consider their own views and the views of others through a range of controversial issues. They reflect on how their own views have been formed, ensuring that they understand this about others too. RE offers a safe space in which students develop the confidence to take part in debates about moral issues. They learn to recognise that there will always be disagreement on matters of morality but by listening to others, building empathy, trust and working together, they will be able to respond appropriately to the moral issues they face. Students learn to have an appreciation of the natural world and the ability to respond with wonder to this and the capacity of humans to love, create, organise and overcome adversity. Students are given the opportunity to consider and reflect on the values which school and society are built on, where these have come from and the influence they have on individuals, families and wider society. They are introduced to role models from various religious, non -religious, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds. They are encouraged to move beyond attitudes of tolerance to one of mutual respect and celebration of diversity.

RE explores the rich diversity of life in Britain and beyond by discussing religious festivals, food, art, architecture, dress. Students are encouraged to explore why we act the way we do, how to make sense of the world and to know that cultural background is not a barrier to participating in school, community and British society. The skills formed from such understanding are useful in all careers and this is highlighted to students as they learn.


Curriculum Overview

Year 7 to 8 Year 9 Year 10 to 11 Sixth Form