Foundation Statement

1, How does the school’s ethos underpin this subject, and what virtues have potential to be developed in our students through its study?

Scientists and students discover and use laws of parts of the ordered reality and use discoveries to develop effective ways of stewarding resources. They employ and enjoy gifts that include analysis, deduction, creativity and observation.  We learn to use our scientific abilities for good stewardship, and in service to our neighbours.

Teachers appreciate what constitutes a scientific theory and what would be considered to be a faith position.  The RE curriculum provides for students’ further and extended study of such faith matters.

Relevant virtues to be developed in students include: honesty, integrity, responsible stewardship, cooperation, clarity, validity, discernment and logical reason, creativity, beauty, perseverance, respect for life, precision, judgement in interpretation, accuracy, precision and responsible use of numbers.


2, What goals do we desire for our students in their study of this subject?

a. Investigate physical and living things: examine the physical and biological aspects of daily phenomena in experiential, hands-on ways; survey the basic concepts, structures, and theories of science and recognise underlying order to them; investigate the complexity and unity of scientific aspects with wonder and delight as well as with perseverance and humility.

b. Understand and use science and its applications responsibly, and recognise societal and ethical implications for the use of science in responsible stewardship.

c. Recognise the important place of science in society as well as the continuing development of scientific theories (as revealed by history).

d. Link science with other curriculum areas in order to develop students’ appreciation of the unity of knowledge whilst also enriching their deeper understanding of the world around us.


Curriculum Overview

Year 7 to 9
Year 9 Recovery Overview
Year 9 t0 11 – Biology
Year 9 t0 11 – Chemistry
Year 9 t0 11 – Physics
Year 10 t0 11 – Biology (combined)
Year 10 t0 11 – Chemistry (combined)
Year 10 t0 11 – Physics (combined)
Sixth Form – Biology
Sixth Form – Chemistry
Sixth Form – Physics
Sixth Form – Psychology