Curriculum Statement

Our ambition for students is that they learn to enjoy and appreciate textiles through creative experiences, hands-on learning opportunities and the development of knowledge and skills so that they enrich their understanding of the world around them. We build the character of students’ by encouraging them to be independent learners who demonstrate self-control in the way they learn to respond to the work of others, who demonstrate courage through the vulnerability of creativity, who demonstrate wisdom in the decisions they make about materials, and humility in their understanding of their own talents and areas for development.

Through studying textiles, students are encouraged to explore and appreciate the work of others leading to an enriched perspective on life. Creative expression in textiles helps students to process and reflect upon both the challenges and enjoyment of life, turning these into tangible, meaningful outcomes. We use creativity to help students to process their own emotions and understanding of the world, and to make positive connections with other people and other cultures. Through the study of materials, processes and techniques, students are encouraged to explore, value and respect their own cultural identity and that of others, and to develop an understanding of social, economic and environmental issues. Through building links with textile/fashion related companies, for example ‘Woven Monkey’, and local educational providers (Teesside University) textiles students have the opportunity to experience real-life connections. Developing career specific textile activities and providing real-life case studies for resources and ideas, as well as setting projects around current industry and university trends helps to develop confidence and provide students with their next-step skills and knowledge.


Curriculum Overview

Year 9
Year 10 to 11
Sixth Form