Do You Know How Dangerous The Internet Is?

The internet has a huge impact on children and adults every day. This is used for good and bad resources. The Internet is used by 4.2 billion users. Unbelievable, right?

The internet is used in many different ways, from helping with homework to cyberbullying. Many bullies prefer to bully over a device rather in person. Mostly this is done over social media, which was used by 2.46 billion in 2017. Most of the time, people hide this critical subject away. Social media age limits are thirteen, however we know younger people use social media like Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram.


Problems of social media:

Sometimes people feel intimidated by others on social media because they post pictures of their fake lives that make other people jealous, and it can make others feel bad about themselves. If people get a good amount of likes it makes them feel self-obsessed and gives them a good feeling – temporarily at least.

Jennifer Cassarly studies at Teesside University. She specialises in young people’s self-esteem, body image on social media, magazines and newspapers. She did some research on self-esteem, then had an intervention where young people could talk about self-esteem and turn pictures with negative comments into pictures with good comments. Imagine, a newspaper that was kind and had no fake news! It is usually girls who are affected by self-esteem about their body and looks. However, sometimes boys can be affected too. Jennifer said she can feel quite upset when she listens to children talking negatively about themselves. Working with children on this problem brings up a variety of emotions.

How can schools help with this issue? If schools get involved with these types of problems, it could make a big difference in the world. Talking to people on this subject can help children feel good about themselves and make them feel safe online. Unfortunately, most schools don’t offer support for problems like this and it can affect students. If classes discuss body image or have an intervention where they can talk about it then it could really help and support students.

When online you should set your accounts to private to prevent being in danger. If your accounts are not private then anybody can see your posts. Being private online can prevent being stalked and being endangered from people contacting you.

Try your hardest to be safe online and if you are worried about anything, tell a responsible adult no matter what.  Never worry about being told off for it:  let someone know.