How does social media affect body image?

Do you ever wonder how social media effects body image? Well, read on and you will find out.

Research conducted by CBS news found, alarmingly, about 19 percent of students around the world felt that life was not worth living because of their body image.

Jennifer Cassarly, from Teesside University is helping teenagers around the U.K. on their self-esteem. She completed an activity with 11 year olds on changing negative comments to positive ones. After this event, the children who took part in it reported that their self-esteem has improved massively! At the end of Jennifer’s study, she got the children to say what they would do if someone posted a negative comment on their post or someone else’s post. This would help the children because they will know what to do when negative comments are made and it means they have a method of coping. She focuses on not just girls but boys, who also unexpectedly reported low self-esteem.

When asked, Jennifer said she found it upsetting when children spoke about their negative feelings, however she says that adults have felt similar feelings throughout their lives.

The social media doesn’t help with self-esteem because there is always going to be someone who isn’t afraid to tell you what they really think, without being thoughtful about it. Some students take negative comments seriously and, as a result of this, children start thinking about changing their body or even suicidal thoughts.  

 To stop this, I believe if all schools talk to children in P.E or tutor time, they can make sure all children get the message and start to lead live better, happier lives.