How important is reading today?

Some children think that reading isn’t important in everyday life. THEY ARE WRONG!!!!

Reading is very important in everyday life especially for young children doing SATs and GCSEs. Reading helps people in everyday life for shopping, and reading signs etc.

Most children don’t read especially when having to at school. They usually pick up a random book and pretend to read because they think that reading is pointless. Also children who have to read at home for school purposes don’t actually read and sign their parents’ signature saying that they have read. Doing this doesn’t help your education.

Studies have shown that children that read types of books that they enjoy and are interested in then they will read and learn more. Researchers have found that the more words that you read the more intelligent you are.

Parents should push their children to read more and even should let them read out loud to them. Teachers should also help children to read more for their own education.

Children might not think that reading is important but if they can’t read when they grow up they would look pretty silly. Don’t just read for educational reasons; do it for fun and you will find that it will be quite interesting.  Reading is a big deal for children and adults.