Cashless System

The King’s Academy is a cashless school. This means:

  • ParentPay, the online payments system, is the default method by which payments are made by parents to the academy, including for school meals, trips and educational resources. ParentPay is used by thousands of schools across the UK and is accessible twenty four hours a day seven days a week from your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.
  • All parents/ carers are issued with activation details for their ParentPay account when their child starts at the Academy. If you require these details to be sent to you again please contact us by telephone on 01642 577 577 or by e-mail to  If you’ve activated your ParentPay account but have forgotten your password please contact ParentPay as the Academy is not able to reset ParentPay passwords.
  • Information on how to use ParentPay can be found in the Parents section of the website and at
  • The Academy finance office is not able to receive cash payments from parents.  However we recognise that a very small number of parents/ carers may not be able to use ParentPay, for example if they do not have a bank account or credit/ debit card or cannot access to the internet.  Parents/ carers in this position must contact the finance office to discuss alternative payment options by e-mailing or by telephone on 01642 577 577
  • Students are able to check the balance on their meals account using balance checkers which are located outside the upstairs and downstairs restaurants.