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Creative Arts

The Creative Arts Department has three teachers and a technical assistant. The department is led by Mr K Morris, who is our Head of Department. Mrs C Brownless offers expertise in teaching Textiles and is also an AVP. Mrs C Johnston is an experienced and enthusiastic teacher with a wide range of interests and knowledge in Creative Arts. Mrs S Morley is our highly competent technician.

The Creative Arts Department at the King’s has the benefit of five main teaching rooms, two of which are for the exclusive use of Key Stage 5 students. We have two main Art studios which are perfect for drawing and painting due to an abundance of natural light. We are also lucky enough to have a 3D Design based studio, complete with its own Kiln.

ArtThe Department organises regular exhibitions of both ‘A’ level and GCSE work which are mounted each summer. Throughout the year the whole school is a gallery with work displayed in halls, corridors and in the foyer.

Key Stage 3

At KS3, emphasis is placed on developing practical skills in a range of materials and techniques, as well as developing an understanding of the significance of the visual arts in our society, and encouraging students to present a personal response to the projects that are set.

TH01052014-ESF-KingsAcademy-20 v2Key Stage 4

Creative Arts is a popular choice at Key Stage 4. The department offers a range of courses in GCSE Art and Design. King’s Academy students achieve excellent grades in Art and Design, Fine Art and Textiles. The courses at the King’s give students the opportunity to work in a wide range of materials and techniques, and provide a good platform for students to continue their studies at ‘A’ level and, to develop careers within the Art and Design world.

Key Stage 5

At Key Stage 5, we offer a Fine Art A-Level which includes projects that are tailored to meet students’ creative requirements. Students will be taught all aspects of expressive drawing skills, creative design skills, critical analysis and thinking skills and all aspects of building and making skills in 3D. A separate Textile A-Level is also on offer and proves an extremely popular choice amongst students. There are also art trips each year to visit art galleries and events to support coursework, as well as regular gallery visits in the local area.

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