Rievaulx Abbey - picture taken by zoerThe History area of the Academy consists of three main teaching rooms.

Each History room is equipped with a digital data projector and computer with internet/intranet access. Students are able to access a wide variety of powerpoint and digital video material to assist them with their studies.

The History department has five full time and highly committed teachers. The History team have always been committed to offering out of school experiences for students and trips have been organized to the Belgium battlefields, London, Edinburgh, Manchester, Hadrian’s Wall and the Thackray Medical Museum in Leeds. The GCSE students are taken on a field visit to Rievaulx Abbey as part of the preparation for their controlled assessments.

Course Outline/Overview

Key Stage 3

History is a compulsory course at Key Stage 3 for Years 7 and 8 and optional for Y9 who choose between History or Geography. Pupils are taught two or three 50 minute lessons per week. They are also expected to complete homework for History at least once per fortnight.

The topics covered in Key Stage 3 follow a chronological framework starting with the Roman Empire and finishing with Twentieth Century History with the main focus on the two world wars.

Year 7: Roman Empire & its Impact on Britain and Development of Church, State & Society in Medieval Britain 1066-1509
Year 8: Development of Church, State & Society in Britain 1509-1745; Development of Slavery in the New World and the British Empire, the Civil Rights Movement
Year 9: Challenges for Britain, Europe and the Wider World 1901 to Present Day; People and Protest, the Suffragettes

Key Stage 4

GCSE History Syllabus: AQA

Our Year 10 students are beginning the new GCSE specification. This covers the following topics – Britain: Health and the People, The Normans c.1066-1100, America 1840-1895 Expansion and Consolidation and Conflict and Tension 1990-2009.

Our Year 11 students are completing the legacy GCSE course. This GCSE course is a linear course with students completing exams in both the History of Medicine and the American West at the end of Year 11.  Controlled assessments were completed in the summer term of Year 10 after a field visit to Rievaulx Abbey.

Exam results have been consistently good over the years with a large number of students achieving top grades.

Key Stage 5

We offer AQA A Level History. Modules covered for examination at A Level from September 2015 are module 1C The Tudors: England, 1485–1603 and module 2O Democracy and Nazism: Germany, 1918–1945. Both of these modules are examined by written examinations and each contribute 40% of the total marks available. The coursework component is on an aspect of Tsarist and Revolutionary Russia 1855-1953. This involves students researching and writing a 3500 word essay which is worth 20% of their A Level marks.

A Level History is a popular option at Key Stage 5 and many History students have gone on to study History at university.  As at GCSE exam results have been very good.

For more information on all topics covered in History, please click here.