Eiffel Tower - picture taken by d6v1dThe Modern Foreign Languages Department at The King’s Academy is a strong and established team with a proven track record of excellent exam results at both KS4 and KS5. The department is housed in 4 well equipped classrooms within the Modern Languages suite which provide a stimulating and positive environment for our students. Each classroom is equipped with a computer (with Internet access for the teacher), a digital projector and a screen. On the Intranet there are extensive staff and student shared areas and digital audio and video libraries. Listening exercises in class are conducted using the Soundfield system for maximum effectiveness. Classrooms are also equipped with a Coomber CD player which can be used with headphones for individual student study. We have access to numerous computer suites, two of which are adjacent to the language rooms.

There are currently five permanent members of the MFL department. All members of the department are able to teach two languages and this expertise is offered in French, German and Spanish.

Aims of the department:

  • To enable students to communicate effectively and to their full potential using the target language.
  • To give students an insight into and appreciation of the culture of the countries whose language they are studying and to have a better understanding and tolerance of people.
  • To equip our students with the skills they need to access opportunities in the world of travel and work in a modern, technological society.
  • To enjoy language learning.

The Key Stage 3 Curriculum:

French is the main language taught in KS3. Students are set at the beginning of Year 7 and have three lessons a week.

The top two sets pick up German as a second language in Year 8 and currently they have two German and two French lessons a week.

The KS3 French scheme of work is based around the Studio course and the German KS3 course is based on Stimmt.

Year 9 Paris trip

44 Year 9 students are offered the possibility of a five day residential visit to Paris in June during Activities Week. This trip is always oversubscribed and a great success.

The Key Stage 4 Curriculum

At the end of Year 8, the top 100 students continue with either French or German and the majority will continue with this into Year 10 for GCSE.

Our current Year 11 students are following the Edexcel GCSE in French, German or Spanish. The course consists of four units based on the following skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing. The GCSE combines controlled assessment of speaking and writing skills with Foundation or Higher tier external assessments for the listening and reading skills.

The current Year 10 have started the new AQA GCSE specification and we are using the OUP course which includes the interactive Kerboodle which students can access from home.

Brandenburg Gate - picture taken by Jack Newton

The Key Stage 5 Curriculum

Currently, all three languages are still offered at A level and we follow the AQA specifications. Students have 5 lessons per week.




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