Psychology – ‘the scientific study of mind and behaviour’

AQA A-Level Psychology is offered to students in King’s Academy Sixth Form.  It is a scientific discipline delivered by two subject specialists and one scientist.  Psychology is a popular course choice in Further and Higher Education, owing to its breadth of study, human interest, and far-reaching implications.  It enjoys support from a diverse range of employers who value the requisite skills set and high level of academic rigour.

Course structure and content

Students sit exams in four equally weighted units over the course of two years.   The first two units are examined at the end of the first year (AS Level).  A further two units, examined at the end of the second year, complete the A level qualification.

Unit 1 (AS)

Cognitive Psychology – Memory
Developmental Psychology – Infant attachment
Research Methods

Unit 2 (AS)

Biological Psychology – Stress
Social Psychology – Social Influence
Individual Differences – Psychopathology (Abnormality)

Unit 3 (A2)

Topics in Psychology – Relationships, Gender, Cognitive development

Unit 4 (A2)

Psychopathology – Schizophrenia
Psychology in Action – Media Psychology
Research Methods

Student views

I chose Psychology as I was interested in how the human mind works.  The topics we studied gave me an insight into different areas of psychology, especially the fascinating topic of Gender.  Taking this subject at A-Level has made me even more confident that I want to study Psychology at University.”

Psychology & related careers

Clinical Psychology, Educational Psychology, Teaching / Lecturing, Research, Sport Psychology, Psychotherapy / Counseling, Public Relations, Human Resources, Management.

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