Religious Education

RE is an increasingly popular subject throughout all Key Stages in the Academy. It is taught by six staff. RE is a vibrant department where students are encouraged to explore the world of religious belief and practice, to engage in moral and philosophical thinking and to develop an inquiring and critical approach to religious and ethical questions. The subject plays a key role in providing opportunities for spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, as it encourages students to explore their own beliefs, values and identity and to grow in their awareness and appreciation of other worldviews and cultures. We aspire to make RE lessons intellectually challenging and enjoyable for all students across the age and ability spectrum, providing plenty of opportunities for discussion and debate. Our aim is to help students to develop the knowledge and skills they need to think rigorously, to present informed arguments and to grow and mature in their own understanding of the world and their place within it.

Course Overview

Key Stage 3 (2 x 50 minute lessons per week)

Year 7:

  • Unit 1: Me and My World
  • Unit 2: The Bible: The Big Story-The Old Testament
  • Unit 3: Judaism
  • Unit 4: Sikhism

Year 8:

  • Unit 1: Buddhism
  • Unit 2: The Bible: The Big Story-The New Testament
  • Unit 3: The Problem of Evil
  • Unit 4: Hinduism


Key Stage 4 (2 x 50 minute lessons per week)

AQA GCSE Religious Education (8062A)

Most students study the full GCSE course. A small number of students follow the short course GCSE.

Year 9:

  • Muslim Practices
  • Theme E: Crime and Punishment
  • Theme D: Peace and Conflict

Year 10:

  • Christian Beliefs
  • Theme A: Relationships
  • Christian Practices

Year 11:

  • Theme B: Religion and Life
  • Muslim Beliefs

Assessment: Two examination papers (1hour 45mins each) at the end of Year 11


Sixth Form

All students follow a Non-Examination PTE course in order to broaden and enrich their Post-16 studies. This is one 50 minute lesson per week.

AQA A Level Religious Studies (7062) (5 x 50 minute lessons per week)

The AQA course offers a thorough understanding of diverse philosophical and ethical viewpoints as well as an in depth discovery of Christianity.

There are two assessed components.

Component 1: Philosophy of religion and ethics

  • Section A: Philosophy of Religion
    • Arguments for the existence of God
    • Evil and suffering
    • Religious experience
    • Religious language
    • Miracles
    • Self and life after death.
  • Section B: Ethics and religion
    • Ethical theories
    • Issues of human life and death
    • Issues of animal life and death
    • Introduction to meta ethics
    • Free will and moral responsibility
    • Conscience
    • Bentham and Kant

Component 2: Study of religion and dialogues

  • Section A: Study of Christianity
    • Sources of wisdom and authority
    • God/gods/ultimate reality
    • Self, death and the afterlife
    • Good conduct and key moral principles
    • Expressions of religious identity
    • Religion, gender and sexuality
    • Religion and science
    • Religion and secularisation
    • Religion and religious pluralism
  • Section B: The dialogue between philosophy of religion and Christianity.
  • Section C: The dialogue between ethical studies and Christianity.

Assessment: Two examination papers (3 hours each) at the end of Year 13


Religious Studies is a thought provoking subject where students can gain critical and evaluative skills sought by higher education and employers, particularly in law, education, social work, politics, medicine, administration and the media.