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The Science department is a passionate and enthusiastic team who demand the best from students, but also want to make the learning of Science fun and inspiring.


We are very well equipped with 11 bright and spacious laboratories, a seminar room and 2 preparation areas. We have an excellent group of highly-skilled and well-qualified staff.

We pride ourselves on the support we offer to students, both within lessons but also at break times and beyond the school day. We also like to offer extracurricular activities such as our exciting ‘Science Day’, the regular Science club and many other events for all age groups. Recent trips have included a visit to CERN in Switzerland, the Farne Islands and Saltholme Nature Reserve. We also have a number of pets in the department including a corn snake, gerbils and an axolotl who are looked after by the members of our animal club.

Course Outlines

Key Stage 3

We follow a two-year course that has been designed within the department with the intention of developing key scientific skills alongside covering the Key Stage 3 programme of study.

Key Stage 4

Students can take three different pathways in Years 9, 10 and 11.

Pathway 1 – some students will cover GCSE Biology, GCSE Chemistry and GCSE Physics (AQA).

Pathway 2 – most students will cover GCSE dual award Science which is comprised of equal amounts of Biology, Chemistry and Physics (AQA trilogy).

Pathway 3 – covers Entry Level Certificate Science (OCR).

SV8A3155Key Stage 5

Our four A level Science courses are popular and successful. Each subject is taught by highly-qualified and specialist staff. The four courses are: A level Biology, A level Chemistry, A level Physics and A level Applied Science.