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Exam Results

A full and comprehensive analysis of the academy’s exam results and progress measures, along with a variety of other attainment and assessment data, can be found at:’s-academy/secondary

For analysis of exam results from previous years, go to:



GCSE (206 students)

Students achieving Grade 4 or higher in GCSE English and GCSE Mathematics: 70%
Students achieving Grade 5 or higher in GCSE English and GCSE Mathematics: 44%
EBacc: 23%
Progress 8: –0.12 (est., subject to DfE confirmation)
Attainment 8: 46.6

Outstanding students

Sasha Pickard (10×9), James Cook (5×9; 5×8), Charlie Cobain (5×9; 4×8; 1×7), Noah Simpson (4×9; 2×8; 4×7), Hannah Horner (2×9; 5×8; 3×7), Sophie Keeler (2×9; 3×8; 4×7), Seher Hussain (2×8; 7×7)

A-Level (66 students)

% of grades A* and A: 32%
% of grades A* to B: 55%
% of grades A* to C: 77%
% of grades A* to E: 99%

Outstanding students

Francis Sayer (4A*; Natural Sciences, Cambridge), James McCrum (4A*; Modern Languages, Newcastle), Jack Parkes (3A*,1A; Computer Science, Durham), Chloe Cutler (2A*,2A,a*; Medicine, UCL), Lottie Toogood (D*D*,2A; Primary Education, York), Nathan Gamble (3A*; Politics, Newcastle), Daniel Gamble (2A*,Dist*,a; Computer Science, Teesside), Charbel Ajaka (2A*,A; Computer Science, Northumbria), Emma Walton (2A*,A; Biological Science, Durham), Hansa Amjad (3A; Biomedical Sciences, Newcastle), Emily Probert (3A; Biochemistry, York)