The social media app SnapChat – which deletes messages after they have been read – has introduced the Snap Map feature in order to let users share their location. Concerns have been raised about possible safety issues with the new mapping feature, especially as SnapChat is used by so many younger people – whoo may be ‘friends’ with people they dont actually know. This means that anyone that users are linked to on SnapChat can locate exactly where they are.

The King’s Academy consider part of our safegaurding duty to advise you of this latest update to ensure that our students remain safe when using social media.

How to turn on ‘Ghost Mode’
If you have the newest update of SnapChat, then while you are on camera mode, pinch the screen or try zooming in and out.

This will take you to the Snap Maps feature where you should be able to see yourself.


You should see yourself on a map – if you have any friends in the area you would see them too.

Click on the Settings cog and switch on “Ghost Mode” which will hide your location from other people.




Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy

If you have any concerns regarding the safeguarding of a student at The King’s Academy, please contact one of the following members of staff:

Mrs L Manthy, Director of Safeguarding

Miss H Smith, Assistant Principal


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