The Academy Safeguarding Policy can be found here

Designated Safeguarding Lead: Mrs L Manthy
Strategic Safeguarding Lead:  Ms H Smith

Asking for help

If you ever feel unsafe you must to speak to a trusted adult either at home or in school.

You can also contact

Child Line 24 hours a day  0800 1111
If you are in immediate danger The Police 999
To report online sexual abuse/comments and to get support from a specialist Child Protection Advisor
A member of the Academy Safeguarding team. This inbox will be checked 8am till 4pm each day we are at school. A member of the team will then contact you the next day that we’re in school.


Other useful sources of information and support

Below are some of the services and websites that we signpost families to when they need some specialist support. You can also seek advice from your GP.

Issue Support available from (among others)
Mental Health
Relationships and Domestic Abuse
Eating Disorders
Just need to talk?       0800 1111        116 123
Online safety internet-safety/
Protecting young people from radicalisation (Prevent Duty) 


Reporting Child-on-Child (student-on-student) Abuse

Abuse is abuse and should never be tolerated or passed off as “banter”, “just having a laugh” or “part of growing up”. All abuse is unacceptable. If you are concerned or even unsure that what you are experiencing is abuse or harassment, please do not hesitate to speak to your trusted adult at home or in school.

The different forms child-on-child abuse can take, such as:

  1. Bullying (including cyber-bullying)
  2. Sexual violence and sexual harassment
  3. Upskirting (where someone takes a picture under a person’s clothing without their permission. It is now a specific criminal offence in England and Wales).
  4. Physical abuse
  5. Sexting (when people share a sexual message and/or a naked or semi-naked image, video or text message with another person).
  6. Initiation or hazing-type violence and rituals

Sexual Abuse or Sexual Harassment

All reports of sexual abuse or sexual harassment will be taken seriously and dealt with sensitively. This isn’t something that just happens to girls.  If you are worried about yourself or someone else and you are not able to speak to a trusted adult at home or at school then the following sources of support are also available. If you feel you are in immediate danger then call the Police on 999.

Sexual Abuse or Harassment Childline 0800 1111 0800 136 663



If you have any concerns about Safeguarding at The King’s Academy, including concerns about Radicalisation, you can contact the Designated Safeguarding Lead on 01642 577577

Online Safety

For online safety advice, including updates on how you can keep your child safe when using social media please visit our online safety page internet-safety/