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Uniform Shop Information

The new Online Uniform Shop can be found at Here you’ll find the entire range for The King’s Academy, along with useful size and style guides. You can find a copy of our useful “How to Order Uniform” leaflet below.

The walk-in shop that was only open for a couple of hours each week has now closed. With the new online service, you can view products and place orders at a time convenient to you.  There are two delivery options available: 

  • By courier for DPD Home Delivery (charge applies) or…
  • Free Click and Collect from The King’s Academy.  Collection is by students only from the main reception desk at the time/date allocated when placing your order. 

We aim to get orders to you in just a few days but please always allow up to ten working days from placing your order to receiving it.

Other useful information:

How to order uniform
2022 Uniform Price List
Style Guide – Daywear Yr7-11
Style Guide – Daywear Sixth Form
Style Guide – Sportswear Yr7-13
Uniform FAQ



If you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our team:

Email or call 0191 8162799


The King’s Academy Uniform

There are many sound, practical reasons for having a compulsory Academy uniform. Perhaps the most obvious reason is that it removes the burden of having to decide what to wear each day. The uniform, however, has a great deal to do with the Academy’s ethos. Students will be encouraged to take pride in themselves and their appearance at all times. Parents are asked to give their vital support in maintaining the very high standards by adhering to the lists set out below.

* Items listed below with a single asterisk must be of the given specification (e.g. Blue Max Banner “Slimbridge” or Trutex TBT/TFF trouser) and it is strongly recommended that these items are purchased from the Academy uniform shop.

**Items listed below with a double asterisk are only available from the Online Uniform Shop


PE Kit

Following a successful trial, a stylish but practical “layered” PE kit was introduced in September 2020.  We believe this is the first significant change to the kit since the academy opened in 2003 and the fantastic, modern new kit brings a number of welcome benefits to students and parents.  Please see the attached letter from Mr Lynch, Head of Physical Education for further details.

Letter to Parents

The new kit is available from the Online Uniform Shop.  A link to the Sportswear Style Guide is above.. 



Uniform – Boys (Years 7 – 11)


  • Blazer with badge **
  • Academy tie **
  • Plain white school shirt
  • Black trousers (Blue Max Banner “Slimbridge” or Trutex TBT/TFF) *
  • Black socks

PE Kit

Compulsory (Essential Collection)
  • Navy/ Sky iGen Breathable Polo with The King’s Academy logo **
  • Plain Navy iGen Sport Short *
  • Plain Navy/ Navy with White Hoop Sport Socks *
  • Navy/ Sky Midlayer with The King’s Academy logo **
  • Plain Navy Base/ Skins Top (worn under polo) *
  • Plain Navy Base/ Skins Tights (worn under shorts) *


Uniform – Girls (Years 7 – 11)


  • Blazer with badge **
  • Academy tie **
  • Plain white school blouse
  • Black pleated skirt (EAS Schoolwear exclusive product) ** or….
  • Girls’ black trousers (Trutex GTB/GTN-BLK) *
  • Black socks (when worn with trousers)  or….
  • Black tights 40-70 denier (when worn with a skirt)

PE Kit

Compulsory (Essential Collection)
  • Navy/ Sky iGen Breathable Polo with The King’s Academy logo **
  • Plain Navy Non-Transparent Leggings and/ or Plain Navy iGen Sport Shorts * †
  • Plain Navy/ Navy with White Hoop Sport Socks *

† Girls may wear leggings or shorts.  If leggings are worn, girls may wear plain short sports socks; if shorts are worn, girls must wear full length plain navy/ navy with white hoop sport socks.

  • Navy/ Sky Midlayer with The King’s Academy logo **
  • Plain Navy Base/ Skins Top (worn under polo) *
  • Plain Navy Base/ Skins Tights (worn under shorts) *


All students will need a pair of plain, all black (sole and upper) training shoes and shin pads for activities on various all-weather surfaces.



Shoes and socks

All students must wear plain, sensible black shoes which can be polished. For Health and Safety reasons, the shoes should be sturdy and offer protection to the whole foot. Shoes with distinctive fashion features such as buckles and tags are not permitted as a normal part of the daywear neither are boots, trainers, plimsolls, moccasins or shoes with heavy sole cleats. No shoe may have a heel of more than one inch, measured where the heel meets the instep. Shoe laces must be firmly tied so the shoe is secure on the foot. Socks must be black. Students with medical conditions that may require them to wear different footwear must notify school in writing to the relevant Assistant Principal.


All students should have a school bag. Fashion bags or handbags with buckles, straps and other adornments are not permitted. Students should carry a bag which is designed for the purpose of school use. Satchel and rucksack style bags are the preferred option. Academy bags, including PE bags, must be as plain as possible and darker in colour. Bags must be strong enough to carry a full day’s books and A4 files. We strongly recommend that the bags have two shoulder straps to evenly distribute weight, avoiding the potential for back problems. Reflective markers are recommended for safety, especially on darker days and in winter months.


Coats are to be kept plain and dark in colour (e.g. blue, black, etc) and sports/tracksuit style tops are not to be worn indoors. Expensive coats should not be worn as we cannot guarantee their security. Outdoor coats must not be worn inside the Academy building. Reflective markers are recommended for safety, especially on darker days and in winter months.


Hairstyles are expected to be neat, tidy and sensible. Students in Years 7-11 whose hair is long must have it tied back securely with black bobbles or hair bands and it should never be left loose in such a way that it can get in their eyes. Hair longer than collar length must be tied back.

Hair which is very closely cut, (a ‘number one’ or ‘number two’), very long or clearly “stepped” or shaped, is not acceptable and neither is hair which is significantly shorter at the back and sides than it is on top. Fringes should be kept above eyebrow level for boys and girls, this being important for communication and therefore also safety. Unnatural colours and extremes of hair colouring will not be permitted. Where a judgement is required regarding suitability the Principal’s decision will be final.

Where a judgment is required regarding suitability the Principal’s decision will be final.

Jewellery, make-up and wristwatches

Make-up, including fake tan, tinted moisturisers or any product which alters the colour or tone of the skin is not permitted, and as such neither are tattoos or henna patterns. Fashion accessories such as nail extensions, hair extensions or eyelash extensions, mascara or darkly enhanced eyebrows are also not permitted.

No jewellery or piercing studs/blanks may be worn, even concealed under sticking-plaster and students should therefore only have their ears pierced during the summer holidays. Students may wear a wrist watch. Smart watches are permissible but may only be used for the purpose of telling the time during school hours.

General Points

Girls’ skirts should be touching the top of the knee or longer. Trousers should be straight cut, and skirts are available to purchase from the uniform shop. Boys’ trousers should be pulled up properly, using a plain black belt if required. Girls should wear discreetly coloured bras. A headscarf is permitted for those that choose to wear one, but they must be black or navy in colour. Ties should be worn so as to cover all the buttons of the shirt. Shirts and blouses must have a collar and be kept fully tucked in.

Parents are advised to ensure that all equipment, bags and clothing are clearly labelled with their child’s name. Students that cycle to school are encouraged to wear a helmet and ensure they have a suitable lock to secure their bicycle.

Sixth Form

Sixth Formers wear a distinctive uniform designed to project a professional, business-like image. Sixth Formers are naturally a focus of inspiration to younger students and the way in which they dress sets a lead; a high standard is set accordingly.

The Sixth Form uniform consists of a black business suit for both male and female students (available to order from the Uniform Shop):

  • Male Suit:  Aspire Suit Jacket and Trousers (or a suit which is indistinguishable from this item)
  • Female Suit: Aspire Suit Jacket with either matching Aspire skirt or Trousers (or a suit which is indistinguishable from this item)

The P.E. kit and shoes are the same for the Sixth Form as for the rest of the Academy.

Click here to download a copy of the Sixth Form Uniform guide.  More information can be found in the Sixth Form Handbook located in the Sixth Form Publications link.

Gum Shields

Students playing rugby or hockey are advised to wear a gum shield for their own safety and protection.

Lost Property

Lost Property is housed at sports reception.  It is your child’s responsibility to look after all of their property and all items should be clearly labelled with your child’s name. The Academy cannot be held responsible for any lost or stolen items.

Uniform Suppliers

In order to maintain the consistency in colour and style necessary for uniformity, for important items we have mandated the exact type of items to be purchased. Whilst some of these items are available to the given specification elsewhere, we believe that the combination of carefully identifying these specifications together with the purchasing power of the Academy uniform shop has ensured parents the optimum ‘value’ balance between cost and guaranteed quality.

Essential Equipment

Regular uniform and equipment checks are carried out to ensure that Academy students are properly dressed and equipped at all times. Your child will be expected to attend all lessons with the correct equipment, with this being important both for his/her development of organisation and sense of responsibility, and to avoid distraction and delay to learning.

Essential items of equipment:

  1. Student Planner (issued by the Academy)
  2. Pencil case
  3. Pens / pencils:
    a. Two blue, two black (one spare of each colour)
    b. One green
    c. Two HB pencils, with a sharpener or one propelling pencil with spare HB leads
    d. One set of coloured pencils
  4. One eraser
  5. One 15cm or 30cm metric rule, graduated in cm and mm (plastic, not flexible)
  6. Casio scientific calculator (e.g FX-83)
  7. One protractor – 180 degrees
  8. An English Dictionary
  9. Reading book of choice
  10. A suitable school bag
  11. Reuseable water bottle
  12. Student ID Card

Banned Items

Unless specifically authorised by a teacher, the following items must never be brought into the Academy:

  • cameras, electronic tablets, iPODs or other similar
  • music storage devices
  • expensive watches
  • computer games or games consoles
  • chewing gum
  • laser pens
  • cash (other than bus fare)
  • offensive weapons, knives of any type including pen-knives, guns, explosives, fireworks
  • energy or fizzy drinks
  • cigarettes, E–cigarettes, alcohol or other illegal substances (all classes)
  • aerosols and glass perfume bottles

The Academy discourages students from bringing mobile phones as they are easily lost or stolen. If a parent/carer feel it necessary for their child to carry a mobile phone it must be switched off before entering the Academy and kept out of sight. Failure to do so will result in confiscation and detention. This point is also relevant in relation to wearable forms of technology, e.g. smart watches.