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The King’s Academy encourages and supports the guiding role of parents in their child’s life. This includes working together with parents to ensure each child receives the best possible education, enabling them to achieve their personal best.

In order to strengthen the link between home and the Academy, we ask parents to make a number of key commitments as an indication of support for our work in seeking to give children the safest and best education possible. By giving us this support, we believe we can provide your child with every chance of growing personally, morally, academically and socially in their years with us.

Sport UniformThe Academy provides each parent with an agreement outlining our policies and ask for agreement to adhere to the key factors that contribute to a successful education and give children the best possible start in life. The ‘Parents’ section of this website provides information to help you to support your child’s education and understand the philosophy of The King’s Academy to allow each child to achieve their personal best. We look forward to working with you to support you child’s education in the years to come.