The King’s Academy intake policy follows that laid down within its agreement with the Department for Education and works alongside the established practices already in place for all maintained secondary schools in Middlesbrough.


Admissions – Year 7 September 2024

The Emmanuel Schools Foundation is the Admissions Authority for the school and is responsible for determining its admission arrangements. Middlesbrough Local Authority, admissions team co-ordinate all admissions as part of the coordinated admissions scheme.

National offer day for September 2024 is 1 March 2024. Letters and emails are sent by the Admissions Teams at Middlesbrough Council informing parents which school their child has been allocated.

For further advice please contact, Mrs Peverell, Admissions Manager on 01642 577577 or email

28 March 2024 – Deadline for submitting admissions appeals
May / June 2024 – Appeals heard by an Independent Panel


Waiting lists

Waiting lists will be maintained by the Local Authority for those unsuccessful in gaining a place at their preferred school for admissions to Year 7. The waiting lists will be maintained until 31 December 2023.

If places become available, they will be allocated according to the schools’ over-subscription criteria.

If appeals are pending, places will still be allocated from the waiting lists before appeals are heard.


MFL aptitude test – Up to 10% of intake

Admissions / languages priority place applications – by Tuesday 31 October (and languages aptitude priority – optional)

  • Languages aptitude priority places are available for up to 24 students – regardless of their home address – based on their aptitude for languages.  To apply through this route, parents must complete our simpleLanguages aptitude priorityform by 31 October.  These students will then visit King’s at 9am on Monday 4 December for a short multiple-choice assessment.



Admissions and Appeals Policy – 2023-24


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