Feedback and Marking Policy

This policy is designed to help students reach their academic potential.

Here at The King’s Academy we value teacher feedback that is specific, timely and tailored to a student’s needs. We recognise also that students must act on feedback for it to lead to progress.

Teacher-led feedback for KS3 and KS4 students is given at The King’s Academy in three simple steps:

1.  Feedback
At The King’s Academy, feedback is given using WWW and TI.
WWW (What Went Well) informs a student what he/she did well in their work.
TI (To Improve) informs a student what he/she must do to improve or Close The Gap.

2.  Close The Gap
When a student receives feedback he/she should read the teacher comments carefully then Close The Gap. Close The Gap is about acting on the feedback received. This might mean rewriting part of an essay, making an adjustment to a project or answering an extra question related to the topic studied. Some departments set aside time in lessons for such activities to be completed.

3.  Review
Teachers will check that the feedback given has been acted upon. If a student is making a special effort to Close The Gap, they will earn a reward. There are also sanctions applied for those who repeatedly choose to ignore feedback.

All teachers, learning support assistants and students at The King’s Academy recognise and follow the above process. The implementation of the process varies in different subject areas according to their needs. There is a direct link between students’ responses to feedback over time and the progress they make.

If you wish to know more about any aspect of marking and feedback at The King’s Academy please contact Mrs Taylor, Vice Principal in charge of Teaching and Learning, in the first instance.