Why Choose Us?

2022/23 Review of the Year

The King’s Academy offers a rich and ambitious extracurricular programme, alongside its broad and enriching academic curriculum, including: a vibrant House system; extracurricular opportunities in sports, music, drama and art; Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme; an annual Activities Week in the summer term; and our Royal Marine Combined Cadet Force (from Year 9). Our ‘Review of the Year 2022/23’ will give you a flavour of the typical experiences enjoyed by The King’s Academy students in a normal academic year.



One of the most important decisions you will face as a parent is the choice of secondary school for your child. The King’s Academy is passionate about the education of all of our students, making us an extremely popular choice for families, leading to the academy being consistently over-subscribed. The information provided below is intended to give you a sense of the dedication we have in the development academically, socially and spiritually of every student, to help make the decision to choose The King’s Academy a little easier and to help you place your trust in us for the education and development of your child.

The King’s Academy is a local school that has won national recognition and praise for the quality of its teaching and learning, the raising of standards and the unwavering commitment of staff towards supporting local families. We aim to target the highest standards in all elements of school life and beyond and achieve this through a dedicated focus on a number of key areas:

Experienced Leadership

Leading a large, busy school such as The King’s Academy and sustaining and building on its high levels of success is a huge responsibility. It relies upon a passionate and dedicated team of senior staff with vision who are driven by a commitment to develop students academically, physically, socially and spiritually.

Inspirational Teachers

Inspirational TeachersOur teachers share our passion for all-round educational excellence. They are driven by the desire to see young people develop in all aspects of their lives, seeking to serve, encourage, direct, discipline, empower and inspire.

Supportive Parents & Friends

We actively encourage your involvement and seek to support your guiding role in your child’s life. As a school, we have a desire to work with parents to ensure your child receives the best possible education and achieves their personal best.

Motivated Students

We encourage children to work hard and, in return, they are recognised and rewarded throughout their time with us. Similarly, we are keen to have well behaved students who will work well together, supporting each other and enjoying school in a safe and positive environment.

Climbing WallExpanding Horizons

The academy is committed to the all-round development of your child’s talents and interests.

The extracurricular programme is varied and exciting, challenging and stretching, allowing children the chance to gain new experiences or deepen existing skills outside of the classroom.

Developing Academically

Each student at The King’s Academy is challenged to achieve their personal best in all areas of their lives. Academically we support all students and set challenging targets. Regular assessment and encouragement through tutoring help each child to achieve their very best.

Developing Physically

A healthy lifestyle is something we all want and the academy’s activities provide a wide range of opportunities to help young people establish habits that will set them up for healthy living during and beyond their time with us.

Developing Socially

Developing SociallyWorking well with others and enjoying the company of friends are key elements of growing up. Of course, it is also important to work with those whom we may not necessarily like, as well as with our friends. The development of such social skills is central to the personal development of your child.

Being able to converse and socialise with people from different age groups is also important, as is the ability to know how to show respect to those who are older and in positions of authority.

Developing Spiritually

As young people grow, their deepest questions are more often about matters of right and wrong, personal value and freedom, the future, the purpose and goals of life, justice and their place in the world, rather than about reading, writing and arithmetic.

The King’s Academy has a Christian ethos in which faith and belief are important and where students are encouraged to think for themselves about life’s biggest questions. Those of all faiths and of none are equally welcome, but traditional Christian views form the starting point for these discussions.

Why Choose Us?By reading this information you have taken a first important step towards ensuring your child has a rewarding, successful and enjoyable education. To find out more, we would encourage you to speak to staff, students and parents and, of course, to visit the academy. Whatever your question, we are happy to be asked.

We look forward to welcoming your family to The King’s Academy.