Science students get a taste of their own medicine!

On Wednesday 21 February, ten keen scientists from Years 10 and 11 visited Middlesbrough College to take part in a Medical Taster Day.  The aim of the event was to give students hands-on experience and an insight into careers in the medical profession.

medical-taster-day-1The day was run by medical students from Newcastle University, who treated the students with a presentation considering reasons for and against studying medicine. They also included lots of tips on how to apply to study medicine and where to find additional information.

Following the presentation the potential medics were split into groups and were given the opportunity to sample various practical workshops, which provided an insight into the day to day life of a doctor. The workshops were very interactive and covered different topics, each with a practical element and a chance to ask questions to practicing medical students.

To finish off their medical experience the students were given a presentation from a local Paediatric Consultant who described his career in medicine to them.

Mrs Swales, teacher of Science said:

It was an extremely insightful and enjoyable day for the students involved. We hope to run this session again next year for our Year 10 and 11 students interested in studying a career in medicine.”

Robyn Metcalfe, Year 11, found the anatomy workshop really interesting:

We had the chance to look at prosthetic limbs and were taught how they were used.”

Megan Johnston, Year 11 student added:

I really enjoyed the diagnostics workshop, which gave us the opportunity to respond to a case study by collecting information about a patient, which was one of the university students. We had to question them and run tests, such as taking temperature, recording heart rate, looking at x-rays and examining urine samples. We then had to diagnose the problem.”