Higher Learning Needs (HLN) Support Unit

We have a specialist Support Unit for students with Higher Learning Needs. Our HLN Unit is a special provision within our mainstream school where students are taught in separate classes in order to meet their needs.

‘Higher Learning Needs’ is an inclusive term for students who require specialist provision at secondary school.  Students with HLN may:

  • have a learning disability or learning difficulties
  • be working at a level significantly below their peers and are significantly delaying in learning
  • have low literacy levels
  • be classed as ‘vulnerable’ due to social and emotional needs

Students who access our HLN unit are taught in smaller classes and access shared support from the HLN team.  Students are also supported during break and lunchtimes.

Students with Higher Learning Needs follow an alternative curriculum leading to Entry Level Qualifications.  Quality First Teaching is supplemented by literacy and numeracy interventions and personalised curriculum opportunities. Practical subjects and activities designed to develop independence and life skills are built into the curriculum from Year 7 onwards. 

Our students with HLN benefit from attending mainstream tutor groups and being part of wider academy life such as extracurricular events and clubs, whilst being taught within the HLN classes for all subjects.

Teaching Lead of HLN Support Unit, Miss Lisa MacGregor
HLTA for HLN Team, Mrs Kathryn Bailey

HLN Learning Support Assistants
Mrs Kendra Brown
Mrs Jacqui Cosby
Miss Emma Gray
Mrs Juliet Leslie
Miss Bethany Malcolm
Mrs Eleanor Nixon
Miss Jessica Swainston
Mrs Paula Townsend

Admissions Criteria