Home Access


MyFiles 2

What is it?
MyFiles is a web based remote access solution to allow access to your U drive and any other network drives that are available to you on the network. It works on multiple devices, although best experiences are on PC/Mac or tablet devices.

Where is it?
MyFiles can be accessed through https://myfiles.emmanuelschools.net.

A user guide for MyFiles can be found by clicking here


Office 365

Office365 Logo

What is it?

Office 365 is an Office solution from Microsoft. It provides you with the ability to install the latest release of Office to your home PC or Mac and tablet/phone devices, whilst a student of the Foundation.

Where is it?
Office 365 can be accessed via a web browser. You will need to enter your network username followed by ‘@esf-schools.org.uk’. Office 365 can be found at http://portal.office.com. You will then be redirected to a page to enter your password; this is the same as the password you use to log on to the computers in school.

A user guide for Microsoft Office 365 can be found by clicking here