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House System


The House System at The King’s Academy is designed to support the Ethos and the Virtues of the Academy.  It provides a sociable, whist competitive, environment in which students work together towards a common goal.

All students are allocated to one of four Houses (Greeks, Hebrews, Medes or Romans) according to their tutor group. Students can participate in House events that earn points towards the award of the House Cup, a prestigious, sought-after piece of silverware!  All House events are designed to be open to all students irrespective of ability.  There is a mix of sporting, performance and other activities.  Some House competitions involve students being creative, some encourage teamwork and others focus on the individual. The aim of the House competition is to inspire participation and for students to have fun!

House competitions include the following events throughout the year:

Cross Country Photography Netball Sports Day
Table Tennis Performing Arts Art Merits
Christmas Cracker Superchef Maths Challenge Attendance
Engineering Chess Cricket/Rounders Poetry


The house that accrues the most points in a year wins the House Cup.  Historic House Cup winners are listed below:

2022-23 Greeks Medes
2021-22 Medes Greeks
2020-21 Greeks Medes
2019-20 N/A – COVID19
2018-19 Romans Greeks
2017-18 Greeks Medes
2016-17 Medes Greeks
2015-16 Medes Hebrews
2014-15 Medes Romans
2013-14 Medes Romans
2012-13 Medes Romans
2011-12 Medes Hebrews
2010-11 Medes Romans
2009-10 Romans Medes
2008-09 Greeks Hebrews
2007-08 Medes Greeks
2006-07 Hebrews Greeks
2005-06 Hebrews Greeks
2004-05 Romans Medes
2003-04 Hebrews Medes