Year 10 Summer Homework


Art Summer Homework
How to write your own opinions


GCSE Business – Summer Holiday Homework

Cambridge Nationals IT

Spreadsheets Revision Booklet

Child Devolpment

Summer Assessment


Summer Work


English Revision Homework


Holiday Homework
Level 2 Certificate in Food and Cookery


Instruction Sheet
Goathland Risk Assessment
Goathland Visit Risk Assessment Template
Methodology Grid
Data Presentation Techniques
Analysis 6 Steps to Success – Goathland
Conclusions – Goathland
Evaluation Guidelines


Summer Homework 1 – Britain, Health and the People
Summer Homework 2 – Norman England


Students need to complete the tasks set by their teacher in their Revision Workbook and their Grammar and Translation book. You also need to use Kerboodle and Quizlet to recap themes and learn vocabulary.

The institution code is kxu6 and you have your own password.

The other website is search KingsMFL / New GCSE AQA French / German


Summer Homework Paper 1 (Foundation)
Summer Homework Paper 1 (Higher)
Summer Homework Paper 2 (Foundation)
Summer Homework Paper 2 (Higher)


Summer Homework/Exam Preparation
GSCE PE Summer Work


Summer Homework 1
Summer Homework 2


Science Summer Homework

Tech Level IT

Spreadsheets Revision Booklet


Present all practical textile pieces into your book (using blu-tack only) with detailed annotations and links to at least two designers/fibre artists for each piece. Remember you get marks for being creative and imaginative!

V-Cert Engineering and GCSE Design Technology

V-Cert – Engineering
Students have been given work in preparation for their external exam which they are going to sit near the end of the first term of Year 11. The work comprises of various drawing techniques which could be part of their exam. Students have been given multiple drawings of existing products which they need to adapt and draw using different techniques that they have been taught to consolidate their drawing skills.

GCSE Design Technology
For each of the exam theory topics we have covered so far; students are to create revision cards. One card per topic. The card should include the key learning from each topic. Students are to be tested in early September.