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Exam Results

The King’s Academy is very proud of its students’ success on A-levels and Vocational Courses like BTECs.  These results are the product of their hard work, commitment and enthusiasm, as well as the superb support and teaching of our highly dedicated staff.  We are particularly proud that students at all levels achieve their personal best.


A-Level (66 students)

% of grades A* and A: 23%
% of grades A* to B: 51%
% of grades A* to C: 78%
% of grades A* to E: 100%
L3VA (provisional): –0.03 (subject to DfE confirmation)

Outstanding students

Jack Young (A*AAB + A in EPQ), Reece Hooker (A*A*A), Catherine Race (AAA + A in EPQ), Joseph Clark (AAA), Libby Hedger (AAA + B in EPQ), Helen Kotch (A*AC), Chloe Gilbey (AAB), Olivia McAvoy (AAB), Rebecca Quinn (AAB), Joe Watts (AAB), Aisha Bashir (AAB), Rebecca Wiberg (AAB), Will Bennett (BBB).



A-Level (68 students)

% of grades A* to A: 37%
% of grades A*, A and B: 63%
90% of students received three grades of C or better
% of grades A* to E: 99%

Outstanding students

Ryan Ward (A*,A*,A*,A*,A* + A* in EPQ + Grade in Step I, Step II and Step III); Leon Matthews (A*,A*,A,A + A* in EPQ); Marybeth Hunt (A*,A*,A); Elizabeth Scrafton (A*,A*,A); Jack Sutton (A*,A,A); Tribhuvan Gosain (A*,A,A); Aimie Stephenson (A*,A,A); Joseph McConnell (A*,A,A); Jak Miller (A,A,A); Anton Blackburn (AAB).

The Department for Education will release the value added figures in January 2018 but our students once again look to be amongst the top in the country.



A-Level (72 students)

% of grades A*, A and B: 61%
% of grades A* to C: 90%
% of grades A* to E: 100%

Outstanding students

Holly Grob (A* A* A*), Shiv Patel (A* A A B), Sarah Leatherland (A* A A), Rachel Clarkson (A A A), Chelsea Reidy (A A A), Ethan Hardie (A A A), Elliot Duffy (A B B) and Tom Henry (A* A C).

In January 2017, the Department for Education ranked us in the top 2% of the country for value added (the increase in results for all students from their GCSE starting points to their final grades on their A level or Vocational subjects).


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