World Poetry Day

In the U.K, it’s very common for schools to let you dress up as your favourite book characters for World Book Day. However, World Book Day isn’t the only global event organised by the United Nations Educational, Scientific Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) in an effort to improve literacy. So… how else is literacy celebrated in around the globe? Let’s find out.


World Poetry Day, Granada

In 2018, the Spanish town of Granada held World Poetry Day to celebrate literacy on World Book Day.  60 of the world’s greatest poets took part.


Milosz Poetry Festival, Krakow

A number of artistic events taking place, such as:

  • Poetry Song Walk
  • New poem presentation
  • Projecting poems onto houses and buildings

In addition to this, there are poetry events taking place across the globe, from Iowa City, USA, to Lillehammer, Norway, and everywhere inbetween!

This year, World Poetry Day falls on 21st March 2019, and schools and local areas are encouraged to celebrate poetry in all its glorious forms, from poetry presentations and recitals to full-on festivals.

Get involved!